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There many different types of bodywork, but at their base level they all attempt to help maintain and improve health through the physical manipulation of the body.

Usually, people seek the assistance of a bodyworker to help with a specific problem such as carpal tunnel or sprains. Increasingly, with our sedentary life style, bodyworkers are being asked to help with chronic problems such as sore backs.

However, regular bodywork, be it massage, Ortho-Bionomy or some other modality is very useful in maintaining the body in a state of optimal functioning. Think of it as regular maintenance rather than repair.

The automotive simile is useful here. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on our cars. We have the oil changed etc., all in order to have a car that runs more smoothly and is less likely to break down. Yet, we begrudge spending any money on maintenance for something we can't trade in or replace - our bodies.

One of Jennifer's friends, an Ortho-Bionomist says:

"After all, if you don't look after your body, where else are you going to live?"


Finding a Practitioner

To get started, finding the right practitioner has a lot in common with finding the right car or movie etc. We contact our sources of information and ask questions. Some of our best information can come from friends who have been treated for similar problems.

The big difference is that we are not concerned with an object that can be replaced when worn out, but with our own body.

Jennifer thinks that too many of us are passive when it come to selecting a health practitioner of any kind. It is our body that is being considered as the recipient of some modality of care and we should do our best to make an informed decision before starting on a course of treatment.

One of the most important considerations is your relationship with the practitioner. Does he/she really listen to you? Does the practitioner appear to respect what you are feeling and adjust what he/she is doing to accomodate you, or is there an attitude of 'I'm the practitioner here and I know what is best for you'?

There is a great deal of trust required in a practitioner-client relationship and that is based on mutual respect.


Contact Jennifer

Telephone: 604-782-0332

Massage is a very personal way of making contact, something lacking in our hi-tech world. Jennifer prefers to talk to prospective clients directly rather than by e-mail.

If you are asked to leave a message, please do so. Jennifer is probably in the process of devoting her full attention to a client.


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